Tribal area of China

China, Guizhou province, Nov 2012

In China there are more than 55 ethnic minorities, which are made up of some millions of individuals. Traveling in the provinces of Guizhou, Danzhai, Guangxi, Jiangsu you can find Miao minorities, in various derivations, Gejia, Dong and Zhuang. They maintain their traditions and dress their colorful costumes, which they produce by hand. Women’s hairstyles are sometimes very elaborate and characteristic. In their villages ancestral feasts are held that remain almost unchanged for centuries. Among these is the Miao Lusheng festival, a riot of colors, sumptuous costumes with precious embroideries, beautiful and elaborate silver jewels, hairstyles with unusual shapes. They are accompanied by popular activities, such as fighting dogs, roosters, bulls etc.

Of course modern China overlaps heavily with these traditions and young people are attracted to Western fashions while the elderly retreat into their old habits

Guizhou, China