Every year in July, between 6 and 14, in Pamplona, Navarra,Spain, it’s celebrated the San Fermin fiesta. It starts with the setting off the pyrotechnic Chupinazzo, a rocket launched from the city hall a balcony,with thousand of people. During the week there are many celebrations but the main one is Encierro, the running of the bulls,involving hundred of people running in front of six bulls along 825 mt narrow street of the old town and end in the pamplona’s bullring. In the 3-4 minutes of run many people are injured. The Encierro starts at 8 am everyday from 7 to 14.The celebration of the festival has origin in the middle age when the cattle merchants come into the city but it became famous when it was well described by Ernest Hemingway in his book The sun also rises.

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