The last time I visited Japan dates back to 1984 and I shot as a classic tourist with a camera around my neck.
It was a model that I had bought in Tokyo as soon as it landed and at that time in Italy it did not exist yet. So this year I decided to return with a different approach: as a photojournalist to explore Japan in the 2000s to discover the normal life and customs of today’s Japanese. I visited Tokyo and some places, Nikko, Kanazawa, Koyosan, Shirakawa, takayama and Shibu Onsen, which are excluded from the classic tourist tours where I searched and found the ancient traditions but still kept alive. I planned to attend the Seijin no Hi festival in Tokyo where young people enter mature age. I witnessed and documented a Sumo tournament and among other things I went to the Jigokudani park, near Nagano, to see the snow monkeys bathing in the thermal waters.

Good vision

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