About Giancarlo Majocchi

he received his first camera as a gift from his grandfather when he was 10 and has never stopped photographing since.
After graduating in engineering, he works in textile field and as a manager he has the opportunity to travel around the world and get in touch with various populations. Hence the passion for travel, culture and nature.
Over the last thirty years he has visited over 70 countries on all continents, collecting evidence of landscapes, ethnic groups and animals in about 100,000 shots.
It is particularly dedicated to popular festivals where the various peoples express their culture and traditions. The mission of Giancarlo’s photography is to transfer the beauty of nature, fauna or people to those who do not have the same opportunities.
Since 2010 he has been totally dedicated professionally to Reportage and Travel photography publishing reportages, books, exhibiting at shows, winning prizes in international competitions, creating workshops and participating as a speaker at events


Il libro…

Americhe natura

2018   23 Giugno - 1 Luglio - Italia, Bellagio, Centro espositivo Torre delle arti Mostra personale con stampe di immagini di paesaggi ed animali dell'Americhe del Nord e Sud i cui il COLORE è la caratteristica dominante Personal exhibition with prints of images of...

Giornata omaggio a Tiziano Terzani

2012 March - Italy, Crema Ai confini del mondo, vita da fotoreporter Public Interview of Alan Loreti at teatro San Domenico to Giancarlo Majocchi an Giorgio Fornoni on their experience of reporter in India, as Terzani.

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